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This morning T and I went to Zumba for possibly the last time of this summer. As I arrived, I realized this and was dissapointed, yet I also thought about the lasting impact zumba made on me. I never would have thought I could learn so much from one class, or that I would even take a dancing class in the first place. I am so glad I challenged myself to try something new, that I didn’t have much experience in and that I was weak in. As the music started and we began to dance, I realized something. I was able to do the spins and I felt great! In almost all of the past classes, I had to skip the spins or only do 1/5 spins because I would feel dizzy afterward. Towards the end of the class I started to feel slightly dizzy, yet I was still amazed at how far I had come and the improvement I had made. When I started the class I never thought it would be a way to measure my health and how great and motivated I would feel for the rest of the day. My ability to move my body has definitely grown, and I feel more comfortable going to dances and putting myself “out there,” as at the IB dance I was still not a great dancer but I was able to try. I have also learned to let loose and live more in the moment, try new things, and to find new ways to exercise to stay entertained and have another experience. Zumba has been a very powerful adventure and I hope I will be able to go when there is time throughout the school year.

During today’s class, I was able to keep up with almost all of the moves, and the couple that I couldn’t perfect I just made my own move to keep going. I also tried to add jumps with every move to get a better workout, and again I followed Kayla’s and T’s mom’s example, as they add so much energy.


Friday July 8th


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This morning, I went to Zumba with T before having to go to econ. I had stayed up til 1 last night, to finish the final and notes, so it was really hard to wake up. Once I got to zumba, I was very glad I had. This will be the last one for two weeks, as I am leaving early Thursday the 14th for Colorado, and I will be gone for the next week.

Overall, I felt pretty good, and I was happy that I was able to be in the moment and it felt so good to be done with online economics, as it took up a ton of time. So I was relaxed going into it knowing I was done, and the last thing I had to do was turn in all of my notes and assignments. During a few of the spins, I had to stop, as I felt lightheaded, but the rest of the time I felt good. I loved this morning session, and I felt refreshed and ready for my day after. After, I did a few abs (push ups, sit ups, side crunch), to get more of a workout and work other parts of my body. I think this will be beneficial in training for the half marathon, as it is working out for an whole hour.

After Zumba and economics, I went to my mom to get a haircut, and in the last moment, I decided to donate my hair.  In the past, I thought that I couldn’t donate due to chemicals in my hair, so when someone mentioned that some companies will still take it, I was immediately intrigued and looked up companies. My hair has always been really long, so it was weird when I ended up cutting 10 inches off. I am so glad that I am able to help someone else to gain confidence by having a wig, as it can be life changing for someone else.

Back a Step


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At Zumba today, June 22nd, I was a bit disappointed and I started out stressed. My online economics work is due at 9pm, and I had one more activity to finish, so I knew it would be tight getting back, but I didn’t want to miss out. Although I was stressed about getting back to work, I tried to enjoy myself to best I could, and to live in the moment. After last week, I felt like I was getting looser and I was so excited to continue learning today, yet I had a hard time. Ally and I both pulled up to the church at the same time, and we made it in a few minutes before Zumba started, yet we missed our usual spot on the right. Instead, we ended up in the left-center of the room. Ally was on my left, yet I was directly in the center behind a column of about 5 others in front of me, making it hard for me to see. For the first few dances, I could not see any of the leaders’ legs or footwork, so I started to get frustrated as it was even harder to follow along. I just tried to follow their arm movements and the people around me, yet even when I tried to get one of the leaders in my sight when we shifted positions, someone would move in front of me. With the trouble seeing, I felt like I was missing out on the workout and like I missed most of the moves, similar to my first time.

About halfway through, I moved back in between two rows to give a mom and her younger daughter more room, and I ended up gaining a slightly better view of the front. At this point, Kayla also started to lead a song, so I was excited to get more of a workout, as the first few songs were also slower. Her dance was harder than the usual ones she leads, yet I still loved her energy. There were a few other songs after hers than I started to break a sweat, but by the time the class was over, I was completely cooled down. I wish I had gotten more of a workout from the class this time, but I still enjoyed listening to the spanish songs, and appreciating another culture. We found out that they are not hosting zumba next week, so I hope that in two weeks when I return I will be able to follow along better and get a good workout in.

Double The Zumba


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This week, T, Ally, and I went to Zumba Wednesday night and this morning, Friday June 17th. On Wednesday, I loved the first song! I felt like  could follow along and it was intense enough to break a sweat. Most of the night, I was able to keep up, or just keep moving when I wasn’t able to do the full dance move. Zumba is still a challenge every time I go, and as someone else attending put it, “we feel like beginners every time.” I was not a great dancer to start with, so trying to do all the moves properly is difficult, and I cannot quite move my body as they do. At times, I would do the opposite arms or legs to moves, or go in the opposite direction of everyone else, but I still had a good time and continued to learn! We are still with a different leader than the original, so it is neat to be able to follow the other leaders and see how they make the dance different. T, Ally, and I all agree that Kayla is our favorite leader to watch, as she adds so much energy and “jump” into every step. I try to follow her lead so I get more of a workout from the experience. T’s mom also attends, and she is another great role model for me. She puts so much energy into every step and truly goes all out. I am, also trying to follow her example to fully extend each step and put the most I can into the time. T’s mom is also a great example for our half-marathon training, as she has trained in the past and is giving us great recommendations on if we should do extra miles, cross-training, ab workouts, and so much more!

Yesterday we finished our last finals and started summer! Ally and I went to T’s to watch The Martian last night, and because it was so late, I ended up spending the night so we could wake up and go to Zumba this morning! When we got to Saddleback Church, we were in a new location as the tent we are usually in was holding an event. This was my first morning Zumba, and I found that the dances are a lot easier to follow and some of the moves are repeated so we can follow along and learn them. Less people also go in the mornings so we had more room to move. Usually the morning sessions are in the same place as Wednesday nights (as I heard from T), so the room was warmer than the usual air-conditioned tent, so the workout was a bit harder, but I was still trying to add a jump in every step and I ended up following Kayla’s lead the whole time. We learned a move with a partner, so it was very new for me at first, but I caught on after a few seconds. I can’t wait to go next Friday, and I will hopefully remember some of the new moves from today!


Getting through another obstacle


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I encountered a slight obstacle today at Zumba, yet I was able to work through it.  On my way to Zumba today, I started to feel sick. By the time I got to Saddleback Church, I had to stay in my car for a few minutes to try and get my stomach to settle. I was even debating whether I should go into the class or not. After a few minutes, I felt like I would be okay to get to the class, so I went in.When I finally got into the class, I had missed the first couple of songs, but I was excited that I could follow almost all the moves to my first song. This time, I did not add as much of a bounce to my steps, and could not put as much effort into the moves, yet I still feel like the class was another great experience.

After the last class, feeling like I missed a lot of the moves, I was excited to see if I improved today. We had a different leader, so we ended up doing some more Hispanic songs, but I loved it! We usually get a few of these songs in, yet today we got to do Spanish songs for most of the dances. I enjoyed learning the dance to another culture, and trying to mimic the moves. I think that it is really interesting to learn Hispanic dances compared to some of the other dances we are learning, and I have gained an even deeper appreciation for another culture. I am currently taking Spanish 3 IB, and since I feel in love with the language since freshman year, so I have found learning about the culture in class really interesting, and then being able to experience the culture through the dance is also really neat. We also listen to different Spanish songs in class, so it is also cool to be able to hear and recognize some of them and dance to them.


6/8/16 Zumba

My goal with Zumba is to cross-train for the half marathon, try something new, and improve on my weakness (dancing). With the dances today, I felt like I was able to follow along and do the footwork better. I also felt like my hand-foot coordination improved, as I was able to follow both the arm movements and the footwork. I could also apply and follow along to some of the  new dances better than I have when we learned new dances in the past. I went with T again, and this time my other friend, Ally, was able to join us, as she had been out with a concussion so she hadn’t tried Zumba yet. Now that she is almost completely healed, she will also be able to start training with us for the half marathon. Towards the end, we switched positions so that she could see their feet better, as it was her first time. I was still able to follow along, yet I think I missed a couple of the minor details in the footwork as it was harder to see. I am able to follow along with the moves, yet the leaders are able to move their body and hips in a much more advanced and intricate way than I can yet. So, even though I have the footwork and some of the arm movements down, I am far from mastering the complete body movement, and I am hoping with more practice I can improve on this weakness and my dancing skills. As we dance, I also try to stay in the moment, and not to worry about homework or any other stress. Overall, I think that although I did not get as much of a workout out if today, I am improving on my Zumba skills, and gaining a greater appreciation for different cultures.

I think that I either ate something that had gluten without knowing, or something else that I may have reacted wrong to. I tried to recall the food I had eaten over the past couple days to figure out the problem, and then to have my dad use muscle testing to figure out if I have a sensitivity to the food I had eaten. My number one suspicion right now are the chocolate chips I ate yesterday, as my dad tested me and found that they weaken my body. From now on, especially while training for the half marathon, I am going to keep track of everything I eat to find the roots to any problem, and see if what I eat correlates with how I feel on runs.



You have to fail to succeed


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Snapchat-7671063485426623291On Wednesday, May 18th, I tried Zumba for the first time. My friend “T” invited me, and I was open to try something new and to cross-train for the half marathon. I went into the first one not knowing what to expect, or if I would  be any good. For the first few songs, I had no idea what I was doing, and was trying to follow their arms and feet but I was lost. Once we got to about the fourth song, there were some more basic moves, including lunges and squats that I could easily recognize, so I was able to follow along a bit more. When we finished, I ended up loving it and I wanted to continue and try to get better, so we planned to go every week.

Wednesday May 25 was my second time. Right before, I spent a couple hours painting a paper and my face for an AP art history group project in which we replicated Kngwarreye’s artwork Earth’s creation, so I had to quickly was paint off my face and rush to the class. Although I came in rushed, I was able to follow along with some of the moves a bit more, and I learned just to do what I could and to just keep moving to exercise when I didn’t know a move. Although I wanted to master all of the moves and copy them exactly, I am realizing that I am not able to yet.

Today, June 1st, was my third time trying Zumba. Although I recognized some of the songs, partly due to Spanish class, I was not able to follow along with a lot of the moves. I am still trying to copy them exactly, yet as they move fast and I am not yet familiar with all of the moves, I need to just keep trying to follow the best I can. There were only about two songs that I could completely follow along with this time, and I didn’t have as much room to completely do the kicks and moves with all of the people attending, so today’s was disappointing compared to the last one. Hopefully next week I will recognize some of the songs they played today and will follow along better, so I can get more out of the exercises.